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Hello beautiful readers,

It’s your Wellness Genie here….yippee for me! I am out of the bottle today ready to write my first post. All smiles today:-)

It’s a lazy Saturday afternoon. I am indoors in my quiet space soaking up the energy of ‘SELF’ , moments like these give me time to reflect on my personal journey and the purpose I serve on this planet Earth. Seems like I am from the Cosmo’s right?  I always shared the love for the galaxy, the stars and the universe. Today that higher self and spiritual connection has inspired me to write and share great blogs with you. How are you feeling today? Would you say you are in good health? Are you taking care of that beautiful body that has been gifted to you. OK too many questions 🙂

I have been in the health and wellness field for 10 years and it has been a soulful journey for me. I have learnt that wellness means nourishing your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual body, embracing the unique you and being in balance. Keeping up with a balanced lifestyle seems difficult, we all seem to have too much to juggle, many tasks for the day and sometimes that overwhelming feeling takes over! I relate well to this, sometimes I wish I could save the world. The JOYS of being a healer!!..and sometimes in moments like these I embrace my uniqueness. I find my solitude. I find my balance again. Take time to nurture and nourish your divine self. You are a gift.  Give your physical body a treat, walk out in nature, take a salt bath with essentials oil or indulge in self care, whatever it takes you deserve a well balanced LIFE! Look at the wonder of the elements around you, there is so much to be grateful for…..



Dealing with Anxiety this festive season – lets spread the kindness.

Hi beautiful people! The festive season has fast approached us and 2021 has been quiet a year, a year of shifts, transformations, challenges, loved ones that have departed to the other side, unrest and well we each had our own set of trials to deal with this year. SO TODAY I say let us spread the kindness and lets share the love. We will never know someone else’s journey unless we have walked the path. The world needs more light and definitely more love.

Mental Health is a topic I have always being purposeful about because a few years ago it was my journey and today I am so blessed to be able to share my story and heal others on their journey. Dealing with Anxiety is not easy,, it takes courage and support and yes we all need the tools and techniques but today I want to share what is in my heart and my message from Divine. Embrace your support systems, stay close to those that support you, ask for help. Love yourself, take a look at yourself in the mirror and affirm I LOVE YOU no matter what. You are all you got , pray for the strength to fill your entire being and let it raise you. Find solace in nature, in the simplicity, there is abundance everywhere, spend it in nature and near the ocean, these are our gifts on this planet. Know that this too shall pass, think about how far you have come dear one, so far, this will pass. Be KIND to all, share your love , your light, lets have a light filled December. Take care of your mental health, make it priority, you are so worth it. I give each of you divine love, Thank you for being a part of my journey. GRATITUDE! LOVE! BLESSINGS always.

Dr Kirasha Allopi


Reset & Renew

Hello beautiful people! Resetting and Renewing before I embrace another cycle and another year of life! I have been spending ample time on self awareness and listening to the needs of my body the last few days! I have been striving to maintain optimal balance and eliminating all the OLD , releasing on a cellular level and enhancing my mind body connection. It has been wonderful to just connect with me. I am constantly giving to the world, humanity, my beautiful family, my gorgeous clients so now I step back into me and my fullness. I know we don’t always take the time out for ourselves but just taking the step to spend time on our own wellbeing has so many benefits. It has wonderful effects on our mind, body and soul, its allows us to regenerate, renew and look within.

So here’s a few detox tips for you:

Lemons: I love using lemon, a slice in water is so refreshing to start the day and I think the color yellow is also so stimulating for our solar plexus.

Green Smoothies: For the green you can do Spinach or Kale, Fruits – can use bananas, mango, pineapple, blueberries , raspberries and add in protein powder. Add in some cinnamon or green powder too. Blend and enjoy!

Cucumber & Mint – You can also add this to the lemon water.

Cranberry Juice – Love this , fresh cranberries and apple juice blend or you can snack on cranberries in the day!

Finding my Core : I have been just focusing on finding my core and releasing what no longer serves me and connecting with my essence in self love and self forgiveness. Trust me I had a bit of releasing to do this week for my own inner healing! Detox is not just a physical regime, it is mental , emotional and spiritual too, an integrative therapy that allows us release and healing!

Share your detox tips with me…

All my love,


Dr Kirasha Allopi is a conscious entrepreneur, global speaker, thought leader, life , wellness and spiritual coach and integrative medical practitioner. Her vision is to create conscious, soulful and healthier lives for women and to bring in the energy and consciousness of the Divine Feminine & Golden Goddess. Connect @drkirashaallopi http://www.drkirashaallopi.com

Art of Dance – The Easy Flexibility Shoulder Flexion Program -Review

Dance has always being a form of therapy for me. When I am in tune with the oneness of my body I feel more energy and vitality. This form of exercise routine and therapy gives me the boost I need in my daily life along with nutrition, supplementing my diet and meditation (Which of course I love:-)

Recently I have been sitting for long hours working at my desk and felt the tenseness and strain on my muscles in the shoulder and back region. So…I decided to give the Easy Flexibility – Shoulder Flexion Program by Paul Zaichik a try. Paul Zaichik is a fitness and flexibility expert. The Zaichik Stretching techniques (formely known as Kinesiological Stretching Technique) developed by Paul Zaichik, has been known to be a safe, fast and easy method of stretching and targets one muscle group at a time. Here’s my review and thoughts about the course:

My thoughts on the Outlay of the Shoulder Flexion Course – The Course starts of with a follow along routine which I found is quiet simple and practical to do, these are simple to do exercises at the comfort of your home and I even did some of the practical exercises at my desk. Paul Zaichik does demonstrate clearly how the exercises should be done. Some of the on floor exercises helped with stretching my muscles and strengthening my abdominal muscles, they reminded me of some of the movements I do in my warm up. I particularly liked the overhead stretches and the focus on one muscle group at a time. I did not feel overwhelmed doing the course and worked at my own pace. Overall, there is a range of stretches and techniques to the course. The warm up routine is a follow up sequence from the follow along routine. Paul Zaichik then focuses on the Zaichik stretching techniques which I felt doing this a few times did help, it took me a few times to get this done right and it did eventually help with relieving tenseness and strain on my shoulder region. The program then follows through with supporting exercises, the ZST round 2 and Supporting exercises round 2. The course ends of with relaxed stretches. I felt there is repetition to some of the exercises and when you do start them it can feel like you doing the same technique over and over and may need variety and a different technique to spice things up a bit 🙂 , however repeating them is key to results. I really feel you need to be dedicated to following through the program to get the results you need. You will also need a comfortable space and yoga block to do some of the techniques!

Is it worth the Investment? Would I invest in future courses with Easy Flexibility? The price on special offer is $29.95* plus tax. Look, I think that is a fair price for what the course does offer you and quiet frankly it does have good value for the price of $29.99 and you do have access to the program for life. Would I invest in future courses? The answer to this would be yes, I think I would like to try the complete shoulder course to see if there is any difference in the method of teaching, range of techniques and the layout. I would also like to compare the programs to test and trial which benefits me better and how the stretches differ, actually it would be interesting to know and overall assess the benefits of each course.

Here is my final thoughts:

Pros –

*The course is easy to follow, simple and Paul Zaichik demonstrates it in a way that is practical and easy to understand.

*You have access to the course for life

*There is not much investment in other equipment that you need as far as this one except for a yoga block and mat.

  • Fairly priced for the value.


  • The repetition of the moments can become monotonous especially if you like different techniques all the time. Some movements have to be followed through more than once which I found difficult to do at times.
  • The course could use a fun element to it – to improve mood like vibrant music and different color schemes.
  • You need to be dedicated and repeat the movements to follow through the course and feel the benefits. Time factor can be compromising.
  • No money back guarantee.

For more information and a list of programs check out their website – https://easyflexibility.mykajabi.com/

Love and blessings,


The Divine Feminine

Photo by Mikhail Nilov on Pexels.com

The Divine Feminine in her pure consciousness, radiates a beam of magical light,

Her light has the power to transmute the negativity and the darkness,

She has chosen to step into her power with grace and love, to be divinity in all forms.

She is the warrior, the empress, the queen, the priestess, the nurture, the mother, the sacred,

She is the Divine Feminine.

The Divine feminine essence ….It all starts with you, with self care by treating ourselves like the Goddess we need to be.Nuture yourself with all that you love to do! It could be an energising bath with candles or a special creative hobby.

Nature is powerful – Stand with your bare feet on the ground. Smell the flowers. Just connect with this force of nature.

Celebrate life’s beautiful moments. There is beauty all around us, take time to smell the roses and appreciate life as a sacred gift.

Enhance your space with beauty and color. Essential oils , energising crystals and special flowers that uplift your senses.

Heal your body- healing begins with you. Release negative emotions that no longer serve your highest good and replace them with positive, uplifting ones, you deserve to feel the best you!

Follow your intuition – Listen to the intuitive force within you. That is Divine feminine guiding you, take the time to listen.

The Divine feminine is a sacred aspect of ourselves, Nurture it. May we always live in love and divinity and celebrate the beauty of life & the beauty within ourselves!

I feel graced by the divine that I am able to bring forth and work with the energies of divine feminine sacredness and present the Divine Feminine Meditation Series. This will take you on the journey of exploring yourself in a scared space where I would lead you on 4 powerful elemental meditations to heal, restore , renew and balance your body in oneness. We work on an energetic level together to help your body back to its pure divinity.

For more information please schedule a free energy call via calendly below:

All about the Sunshine 🌅

I am all about the magic of the 🌅

The beginning of a bright new day,

Beauty fills the sky,

Hope sets in,

A new day to start again, live again, take in the beauty of life,

Even if there are challenges, have hope in your heart and faith in your soul ♥️

Live bright 🌅🌅🌅

Wishing you magic ♥️

All my love ,

WellnessGenie ♥️

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3 Anxiety Mood Lifters 🙌

3 Mood lifters for Anxiety🙌

When you feel like not facing the day here are some easy Mood lifters for Anxiety. 

Mental Health Awareness will always be something I am purposeful about because I have been there and I have healed♥️

🔷Get up and get moving, if you don’t feel like getting up in the morning, count to 10 and get out of bed. Start moving , exercise releases those feel good hormones! 

🔷Ever felt better sitting in the sun (Sun lover here) The sun improves overall mood and helps with Vit D too!

🔷Gratitude- Being grateful enhances  positive feelings and appreciation for all we have. 

I love you, you can heal from this ♥️🙌🙌@drkirashaallopihttps://www.instagram.com/reel/CRWHPc9AsLt/?utm_medium=copy_link

Book a free Anxiety Awareness session – http://www.calendly.com/drkallopi

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5 Anxiety Busters🙌

Dr Kirasha Allopi integrative Practitioner, corporate wellness practitioner, coach, healer, blogger and facilitator.

5 Anxiety Busters 🙌

Mental Health Awareness will Always be a topic that I’m purposeful about! 

Because I’ve been there and I’ve healed♥️🙌

So here are some Anxiety Busters from my journey👇

1) Breathe, yes I know panic attacks are scary but just stop stay grounded and breathe. 

2) Take Control – Realise in every moment YOU do have the control. 

3) Nature- One of the greatest healers known to man – step outside feel the beauty.

4) Self love- Love yourself the best way you can, you come first. 5) Support System – Support systems are crucial find them nurture them!

I love you, you can beat this ♥️👏👏👏

It’s an incredible blessing to be able to coach women living with anxiety & depression. DM me for more info @drkirashaallopi 

Connect with me ♥️ @drkirashaallopi

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What are your barriers to your health & wellness goals?

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When you think of your health and wellness goals, do you have any barriers to get there. I would love to know ♥️

I will be sending you some great information on how we can achieve our health and wellness goals.

Kindly fill in our survey when you have some free time! Or send me a DM I would love to connect with you. I would love to know how I can serve you in health and wellness in a more meaningful and better way♥️



Sending love♥️♥️♥️

Dr Kirasha Allopi

Warrior Women

The way of the warrior women by Dr Kirasha Allopi

I started typing this post and the daily chores and activities of life overcame me. I think to myself that should never be the case because the activities of life should not get in the way of our hearts calling. Life should be ours to be celebrated. I realize in this moment that among a crazy busy life the beauty remains , the gift remains , the breath remains ♥️

I look at myself today an see the warrior women, the one standing on the battlefield, sometimes I raise the sword in victory and sometimes I lay it on the ground in defeat.  Each time I’m a winner, each time I lose the battle I win the war. I win the war in me…I learn , I grow, I do things differently, I do it better. The warrior women’s knows that in her heart there is a love that is so powerful it can win the war, not the anger ,not the hatred, not the conflict only love can win the war. 

Live life with a love so powerful that all  pain dissolves, let love win your war. And remember each time a warrior women loses her strength she gains it back 100 times over♥️

Dedicated to all warrior women and to my beautiful little warrior Nevaeh♥️ 

All my love, 


  • Dr Kirasha Allopi is an integrative medical practitioner, coach, healer, blogger, writer and facilitator in the field of health , wellness and spirituality. Connect with me instagram & FB @drkirashaallopi


Empress 💚

How are you nurturing yourself today and have you found the time and space to do so and do so when you need to? Simple measures bring great healing, long baths with essential oils, a walk in nature and listening to the sound of the ocean – nourish me soulfully. They bring me back to simplicity.. to loving me mind body and spirit. The only person that can love you greater than anyone is YOU. You are your own greatest gift. This has been One of the greatest lessons in my journey.

I am Dr Kirasha Allopi, an integrative medical practitioner, coach, healer, writer, trainer and channeler. I have worked in the field of wellness and healing  for the past 14 years. My gifts include healing , intuitive readings, integrative medical consultations, coaching , training in the field of health and wellness and professional writing.  I have worked in the space of the divine feminine and all my healing therapies are channeled by the powerful sacred energy. 

The Empress Healing Power Package has been designed for the feminine, the sacred women, the women looking for her journey in becoming the soulful, healthier and happier version of herself in power and divinity.

It is with great love , light and divinity that I have put together years of work to introduce the Empress Healing Power Package to you. 

The Empress Healing Power Package has been designed for the feminine, the sacred women, the women looking for her journey in becoming the soulful, healthier and happier version of herself in power and divinity.

The women who wants to evolve herself 

The women who wants to love herself on a deeper level 

The women who wants to heal her timelines 

The women who wants to nourish her inner being 

The women who is searching for balance in her life 

The women who wants to be spiritually healthy 

The women who wants to be physically and emotionally balanced

The women who wants to be her best version to attract the right relationship The women looking for something deeper in her life 

The women who wants healing on all levels 

The Empress Package takes you on a journey :

4 x 45min Powerful Healing Sessions

The healing sessions will focus on balancing your energy and clearing away blockages from your spiritual body and done every 2 weeks. The healing sessions begin with a grounding and then we work on your energetic body.

4 x 45min Wellness Coaching Sessions 

The wellness coaching sessions will focus on coaching the mind body and release any blockages from the mental and physical body. We discuss diet lifestyle and constitution.Done every 2 weeks.  This is a 2 month course. 

During the 2 months you will receive a 2 x bonus guided healing meditation according to your constitution and 2x Goddess Guidance readings . You will also receive my full support by email. If you have a question please reach out to me. It will take me 24 hours to respond.

The cost and energy exchange of the package is $2000-00 ( Payable by PayPal) For more information please DM me @ Instagram /Facebook or use the contact form below;

Love, Grace & Gratitude

WellnessGenie ♥️