Sunflowers in AutumnšŸŒ»

  • Today was a beautiful day out in the countryside. Ā As my Ā love and I strolled through the farm at Leafy greens we came across these beautiful sunflowers! The trees of the leaves begin to turn a shade of orange…how beautiful is this universe! Abundance is so prominent in nature. Mother Earth is always abundant so should be our approach to life. We should be in awareness, never fear of not having enough but in knowing that we will be always provided for, whatever our needs may be. Ā Sunflowers have so many different meanings…somehow they seem to brighten our days flourishing through seasons radiating ever so beautiful. They bring happiness, bounty and always turn towards the SUN our giver of life. Let us be like the sunflowers and radiate this light energy to others , and blossom within ourselves! To sunflowers magic!IMG_3070

Published by Dr Kirasha Allopi

Passion for health, passion for Life defines me! I am an integrative medical practitioner, Life and wellness Coach, homeopathic practitioner, energy therapist, writer and blogger.

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