Wellness Genie – back again! Lets talk Women’s Wellness


Hello beautiful readers!

Wow its been so long since I have written on Wellness Genie. Goals, dreams and desires have kept me busy evolving and working hard. I am glad to be squeezing in the time to write this post today. How was the solar eclipse? Wow amazing and lots of energy shifts, realisations and guidance. Last night I sat back and thought about how precious the gift of life is. Lets be grateful for a beautiful life… TODAY!

Being Women’s Month. Here are some wellness tips for women that I would love to share with you. We play so many beautiful roles as women each enriching in their diversity. Each unique and so intricate a the same time. Taking care of our mind ,body and spirit is essential for health and wellness.  Ready to supplement?

Some vitamin and minerals are of high importance to Women:

Multivitamins – We are not getting the adequate amount of Vitamins for our bodily needs from foods , taking a multivitamin meets RDA and gives us a cocktail of vitamins and minerals for good health, A- Zinc all in one capsule.

Vitamin B Complexes –B complexes help with Nervous System Function, metabolism, brain function, energy levels.

Calcium and Magnesium –Ever heard of osteoporosis? Brittle bones as we get older. We need to protect our bones from defects later on. Calcium supports the skeletal and muscular systems. Magnesium helps with relaxation of the muscular systems.

Iron & Folate– Iron is well known supplement for women. Iron assists in transport and storage of oxygen, energy production, boosting immune system.

In a nutshell, good supplementation, exercise, a balanced lifestyle all support optimal health.

For more information on nutrition, lifestyle and diet please contact me,

Love and healing wishes❤️️

Dr Kirasha Allopi

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