Wellness genie| Wellness in the Workplace – wisdom from the Worktech Dubai Event 2017.

Hello  beautiful readers! Hope you are feeling energized and in good spirits!

I recently attended a brilliant conference in Dubai on the future of Workplace and one of the topics was Wellness in the Workplace – a topic I am inspired about!

I thought I would share my knowledge with you on some key points on workplace wellness. What is workplace wellness? Any organizational activity that promotes a healthier workplace and I am all about a healthier workforce.

With busy lifestyles and schedules, deadlines and crazy lives , it is vital to keep our  mind, body and soul in balance. This ensures health on a optimal level and better health leads to greater productivity and effectiveness.

Here are some key tips for you to ensure a healthier and happier space & lifestyle:

1) Take care of your posture- Find a great chair that supports your back and hips. This takes the strain of your muscles and keeps the circulation going.

2) Office Exercise: Move your body – If your environment involves you constantly sitting at your desk make sure you make the time to move about. Take a walk, move around and stimulate your blood flow. Take the stairs , not the lift 🙂

3) Lighting, Clean Air & Clear Space – Eliminate clutter on your desk and get organized. Ensure that your workspace has good lighting. Consider getting a sun lamp and move your desk near the window. Allow fresh air flow in your room, get an air purifier or use some green power – the beauty of having a plant in your office!

4) Start your day off right -A handful of berries goes a long way, add some to your breakfast or even a berry smoothie is nutritious and loaded with antioxidants. A good exercise regime often gets your energized for the day ahead. Have your meals on time during the day. Keep those blood sugar levels in balance!

5) Manage Stress- What do you do to manage stress? Stress Management Techniques are effective in managing stress and some of these include meditation and yoga. Find out what works best for your constitution and body and implement these in your lifestyle. Supplement well, B vitamins in the body are a great boost for energy, make sure you take one that is bioavailable and as natural as possible. Remember Stress can lead to serious health issues long term.

6) Sleep well – Read a book and relax your mind. It is important to get 6-8  hours of sleep. Sleep deprivation impairs our performance and productivity.

7) Schedule time for recreation – Set some time aside for investing in you. Rejuvenate your being with activities you love and enjoy. You will feel better for doing this!

Are you in a corporate environment? What wellness strategies does your company have in place to ensure a healthier workplace? I would love to hear from you!

Love and good health – WellnessGenie


2 thoughts on “Wellness genie| Wellness in the Workplace – wisdom from the Worktech Dubai Event 2017.

  1. I have read this article which is so health orientated and educational in aspects of health and wellness .I being in the business field will take into consideration facts and implement .Thank you graciously for sharing information.


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