The Divine Feminine |Wellnessgenie

I was inspired to write the divine feminine after emotions that made me really reflect on my essence. Thank the heavens for spiritual mentors in our journey!

Have you ever thought of your life and feel that you are not where you want to be ? I need to do more, be more , create more! That was my feelings recently and it moved me out of gratitude, love and joy into arrogance and impatience. A place I never want to me, honestly this is my path of weakness but it is being human after all and we are here to grow, evolve and live a life of awareness and of purpose. There is no better way to growth than having that awareness , realization and guidance you need at that time.

After this shift I found my divine feminine..once again. It is the divine feminine that is so pure yet so powerful at the same time. One that draws beauty from all around her and people are magnetized by her light and shining aura. We each have that sacred feminine aspect within us, waiting to shine. She is part of us all.  She embraces the masculine and feminine , that oneness in connection. The Divine feminine is the seat of creativity , that creative life force that stirs our soul. It is a sacred connection to Mother Earth.That conection to Mother Earth is so beautiful and grounding at the same time. I experience the divine feminine when I am in my sacred space, connecting with myself when I am open to creative expression and express the beauty of my soul, when I am one with nature. I experience her when I Love me totally and deeply in all my beautiful moments.

The Divine feminine essence ….It all starts with you, with self care by treating ourselves like the Goddess we need to be.Nuture yourself with all that you love to do! It could be an energising bath with candles or a special creative hobby.

Nature is powerful – Stand with your bare feet on the ground. Smell the flowers. Just connect with this force of nature.

Celebrate life’s beautiful moments. There is beauty all around us, take time to smell the roses and appreciate life as a sacred gift.

Enhance your space with beauty and color. Essential oils , energising crystals and special flowers that uplift your senses.

Heal your body- healing begins with you. Release negative emotions that no longer serve your highest good and replace them with positive, uplifting ones, you deserve to feel the best you!

Follow your intuition – Listen to the intuitive force within you. That is Divine feminine guiding you, take the time to listen.

The Divine feminine is a sacred aspect of ourselves, Nuture it. May we always live in love and divinity and celebrate the beauty of life & the beauty within ourselves!

Love and Goddess blessings,



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