You are a gift to the world.

Hello beautiful readers ,

The inspiration to write this post came from my LOVE of the people that have been with me throughout my challenges and embraced the true nature of  my soul. I consider them my gifts of divine love.

How often do we get overwhelmed with the negative emotions in life that we forget the true nature of ourselves? In every aspect of our lives there is always going to be emotion – positive or negative. It’s the way we deal with the negative and enhance the positive that makes all the difference. You either going to spiral upwards or downwards, the choice is ours and we always have a choice in our situations.

This week I reviewed my own gifts to the world. I was dealing with my own negative emotions and whenever I do , I go within and I heal..beautifully. I deepen my purpose once again and I find  my gifts that I add to the lives of those around me! I am in my complete state of joy when I  act as a medium in the healing and transformation of people’s lives! One of my gifts💫

We each have something incredibly unique gift to offer the world. If you are willing to start the search, ask yourself these questions, what will it take for me to live my best life?  What are my gifts to the world? What am I really good at? How can I make a difference even in a small way?

Start by journalling ,write down your thoughts , observations, feelings – analyse your journal as this will reveal certain patterns to you. Search within -By creating  a sacred space for yourself where you can connect with yourself and your talents you can connect with your innermost passions. Listen to those around you – People around you are likely to be telling you, you good at something, take the time to listen. Think about what you love doing –What do you enjoy doing? In your free time what would you like to do most. Find out what is important to you – When you think about the different areas of your life – health, career, family, write down what is important to you. Together they represent your life values.

The world needs YOU, the world needs you to shine your light and be the most amazing, beautiful soul that you are. Your gifts can add value to the lives of those around you and make a difference. May we each find out special gifts and share our uniqueness in ways that leave footprints in the hearts and lives that we touch!

Love and blessings,







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