My Healthy Morning Routine

Hello beautiful readers!

The way we begin our mornings sets the tone for the day ahead. It is not easy to keep to our morning routine especially when we are overloaded with tasks and personal stuff for the day. ( I myself am guilty of that) However I find when I am following the morning routine that works best for me my days are better , energetic and more productive. This daily morning mindset helps create energy and a creative  mind space for the day ahead.

So here is mine, A morning walk is a must for me ,occasionally with a stop for coffee on the way  😊 It’s helps me stay focused and creates a relaxed mindset for the day ahead. I take deep inhalations and breathe out the negativity and focus on grounding myself and the light within me. Walking has so many benefits from the release of feel good hormones, exercise releases dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine in the brain – to just getting your body moving ! My next morning health routine  is mediation – I  spend at least 10 minutes a day connecting to my mind body and spirit and focus on positive energy and my goals for the day ahead. Practicing mindfulness is never a waste of time. I can really feel the differences when I do follow my healthy morning routine and when I don’t. What is your morning routine or what will you like to create for yourself? 

Another important aspect I must mention is organization. Trust me this is one I battled with😊  As soon as I got more organized there was definitely more flow to my days!   I stopped wasting time being disorganized and I got better at time management – a real win for me.

What about nutrition and starting the day healthy ? I begin with lemon water. Your body needs the fluids to replenish especially after it has been dehydrated all night long.  Depending on the diet you following if you are following a health plan -it will be beneficial to keep to your morning breakfast options. Avocados and eggs work well for me  as I’m getting in those natural fats and protein for the start to my day, sometimes oats with berries and fruit too. I  also take my supplements of VitaminB, Vitamin C and a daily multivitamin in the morning.

I think it is beneficial to follow an optimal healthy morning routine which can overall have the physical and mental benefits for the day ahead. I hope you find your optimal routine and may your days ahead get better , more energized and productive!

Love and blessings,








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