Let there be Love and let it begin with me.

Hello beautiful people! On this Valentines day I am  sharing an article I wrote on LOVE. May love, light and magic fill our lives always!

Love captivates the mind, fills the heart and lightens the soul
Love is the only emotion that can make me feel whole,
It has the power to transform, to heal to make one feel complete,
Its grows in magnitude and intensity with every heartbeat
Love is forever in my being….

Love is one of the highest vibrational feelings I have found there is in the universe. I say that with great acknowledgement as with Love for self and love for life our level of existence becomes more meaningful and profound. All relationships begin with love, that tingling warm, fluttering comforting feeling. Trust, respect, understanding, support, communication and self love are other important elements that sustain a growing relationship. Balancing giving and receiving is also an important factor for relationships and should be in equal balance so that both partners are in harmony with each other. Relationships take time to build, patience to develop and a love for both individuals who truly want to be together. Good friendships always make good future relationships.
Make GOD the first priority in your life. Our creator is a powerful force in our life and his love is expansive. God is love and God’s love is everywhere. Relationships based on God’s love first last a lifetime and are eternally bonded.
We as women wish for and dream of our knight in shining armour, that true gentleman. All this begins with placing high value, respect and importance in ourselves as women.  It begins with loving ourselves first. There are incredibly great men out there willing to treat you with the love and respect you deserve. My husband is living proof of one of them – a God sent man – my soul love. We are constantly evolving and expanding our awareness in love together. Allow yourself to experience this love with all your heart.

I witnessed true eternal love with my grandparents. I lost my granddad in 2015. He had taken ill in the last few years of his life. My grandma was a pillar of strength to him in those years, taking care of his needs and devoting herself to him. She was committed and dedicated to their bond in sickness and health, in hardships and happiness. They spent 61 years together on this earthly plane. Their relationship had shown me that true love is unconditional, it is forever in heaven and on earth. I feel incredibly blessed to be a granddaughter to grandparents that have showed me so much beauty, value and depth in love.

Often when we are faced with hardships and difficulties growing up we tend to block our capacity to receive love in its greatest form. We feel inadequate and of no value and we seek to fill this emptiness. Sometimes our relationships are not healthy and we stay because we are afraid to be alone – I experienced this before – I was afraid to be alone. When we grow and develop ourselves as individuals we tend to be better at relationships and we get into a partnership where both partners develop and benefit. We evolve. As we grow older it is important to nourish and love the inner child within us. Nourish your inner child by being creative and playful. There is an inner child within all of us that needs attention sometimes no matter how old we get.

To love and be loved is one of the greatest feelings of all. May we all open our hearts to receiving and giving love and extending it to all around us. As Deepak Chopra quote’s- If love is universal, no one can be left out.



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