This crazy beautiful sacred experience called pregnancy❤️

Hello beautiful readers, so I have been really quiet because my body has been growing a baby…! Woke up today ready to share and excited to do so – finally. I remember this journey like no other, I was traveling to Cape Town with hubby and feeling really sick, I love the mother city but this was not me, we were extremely busy in our lives running our businesses at the time. I had all symptoms of a cycle that month but somehow my body and heart knew this was different… We took a pregnancy test and wow we were pregnant! I remember seeing our little jelly beans heartbeat the next day at an 8 week scan – 2 months along, my braveheart❤️ growing beautifully. I was falling in love, nervous , excited overwhelmed you get the feelings..Nausea took control of my body for 20 weeks and it was rough, I had no appetite for the first 3 months besides the fatigue , changes and insomnia which was hard to bear but I had been growing life and that to me was sacred! 2nd trimester was much better and happier 😀 and now I’m almost at the end.

I remember telling moms how I had shifted body, mind and spirit. I was evolving to a new me I was becoming a mother. I have always told myself that motherhood will be my most sacred journey and really it is so. I have learnt so much about myself in this pregnancy from being strong to creating life, to connecting with incredible souls and loving me and my husband on a whole new level. We both had shifted we are becoming parents and doing our best at the moment to make sure our baby gets the best in this lifetime. Yes we have a lot to learn and nothing can prepare us for the journey but we are ready to take the next step in our journey so proudly and with so much joy in our hearts. Pregnancy is a journey and an adventure, God gives you a miracle to love , to nuture, to grow to guide to protect forever. Right now we are looking forward to meeting the greatest blessing in our lives and I will be sharing along the way. I would love to hear from other moms on how their pregnancies were, how is mommy hood❤️ So much to learn from each other… Life is beautiful when we evolve together…all my love ❤️ WellnessGenie image

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