The Birth Story of Ariana Nevaeh Goosen💖 (Meaning:Holy child from Heaven)

7E9E5F1E-09B2-4739-92B3-F73776C69A5FHi beautiful readers, so I write to you this time as a mom to my beautiful baby girl!  I finally got to share my birth story! For the amazing people that asked here it goes…On the 31st of December 2019 André and I were blessed with our darling daughter, 2.9kg at 8:08pm in Durban South Africa. Wow where do I begin, it was New Years eves when my hubby and I decided to spend those few last moments just being a couple. Our due date was approaching. We ventured out and tried different restaurants the last being ‘Little India’ and some of our favorite dishes there. Afterwards we headed to the hospital for our check up and it was then that my water broke! A big coincidence and blessing being at the hospital , my contractions began there after and I was 3cm dilated. I was really excited to meet my sweet love and had so much anxiety rushing through my body at the same time. Thinking is everything going to go well! The beautiful team of physicians arrived and I delivered our daughter at 8:08pm with Enya playing in the background. There were fireworks in the air being New Year’s Eve, as if heaven celebrated the birth of our baby. It was so heavenly. Hubby and I didn’t know the sex of our baby until the Gynecologist said it’s a girl 💖💖💖 one of the most amazing beautiful and blessed moments of our lives!

Being a mom has being the greatest adventure for me, as much as it is challenging  I’m learning so much each day and mastering myself in the process. It’s been a grand step in my evolution as a person and I continue to strive to be the best for her. She’s given me a new purpose in life, a new magical meaning. Today our baby girl is 3 months old and a precious gift with so much love. I love seeing her personality shine and embrace all the new moments with her each day.

Treasure your family, treasure your children. Life is running by us too quickly. Life is a gift. We have so much to be grateful for in this world of abundance amidst the chaos.

Love and blessings,


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