To my mother♥️

8BF09CB1-9F71-4867-9F10-CA3316BC531BThis is my mom ♥️This pic was taken when I was in the last stages of my pregnancy. My mother always told me that if I helped one person for the day my job is done. Her beautiful heart told me to live in service, she knew I was capable of great things, she believed in me♥️ She never rushed my timelines, she said wait on God he has the man for you. You see, she knew already through prayer that great things were held by GOD and only him.

We spoke about marriage and kids when I was single. That gave me belief that dreams are possible. I grew up watching a strong women  raise me, a women that picked me up when I fell, that gave me strength when I was weak and Prayed for a future for me.

To my mama. God chose you for me, he knew I would have the best. There’s so much I take from you in raising my own daughter. I love you mom♥️♥️♥️

Today I live my dreams and I am proud to be your daughter ♥️

Happy Mother’s Day to all beautiful moms around the world ♥️💐♥️God bless you!



Wife ,Mother ,Entrepreneur, Founder, Practitioner, Coach, Global Keynote Speaker, Author♥️


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