The beauty & benefits of Nature🌷

5B92980C-8BE6-4399-9255-05DB602DB63AI have always been a Nature lover. Wherever I travelled to, I was sure to be next to a beautiful garden flowers or a tall majestic tree. I love orchids and pretty flowers in my space( my hubby knows this too😊) Somehow nature had this way of ‘  rooting’ me. I think once we are over with the lockdown I will be sure to be there loving her.

Some of the benefits we can get from the outdoor world:

1)Sunlight – Sunshine vitamin , vitamin D is absorbed in sunlight. These are fat soluble vitamins and they aid in the absorption of calcium and magnesium. They also can boost immunity according to research. A stroll in the sun can have beautiful benefits.  You can also supplement with Vitamin D (tablets or liquid) Cod liver oil as a source of Vitamin D. *Supplementary forms of vitamins need advice from professionals as to the dosage for your body type*

Fresh Air- Isn’t it amazing smelling clean fresh air! The air quality is so vital for us to breathe. Imagine a world without the toxic effects of pollution, clean purified air that is so good for our well-being. Oxygen for soul. Nature has this way of giving us this freshness.

Peace – Whenever I am in a space that is quiet I feel inner peace, similar to meditation. It gives you the mind space to detach from the drama and just be still. Just breathe and be still and love yourself in the moment! Mindfulness is key to connecting with the present. Where is your place of peace?

The benefits we gain in this life sometimes don’t need to be searched far and wide, they can be found in the simpler things, a stroll in the sun or a walk in the park. I hope you are always peaceful, happy and connected to all that is♥️

All my love,

WellnessGenie ♥️

Pic credit :@KirstenborschGardens – Western Cape,SA

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