It’s all about Balance 🍎

Hello beautiful readers,

Sending you blessings for a beautiful week! This week there has been so much creativity in my space. I looked at the ways in which I could do tasks better. How does maintaining a healthy balanced lifestyle enrich me? What can be done differently for me to be optimal health?

I must admit this week has been cold here so my morning walks wasn’t easy, my exercise routine was not at optimal and I could feel the difference in the day. I had to supplement my diet with some healthy B vitamins for that extra dose of energy. Right now I’m a mother to my 5 month old and working on projects so finding the balance is vital for me. How are you finding balance right now? I notice that when I get adequate sleep at night I feel refreshed. Many of us are up with restless nights and uncomfortable sleep patterns. The key is to silence the mind, let go of the day, energize our systems-and find out a strategy that works best for us.

Sleep – Sleep is key, when we sleep our body balances. Sleep balances out hormones and improves brain function. Check if your sleeping environment is comfortable and the room temperature is optimal for a good nights rest.

Diet- Foods can either enhance health or negatively affect health. We all love to snack our favorites at times but following a diet rich in  nutrients improves your overall well-being and energy levels. Breakfast is an important meal of the day, get your day to the right start by eating healthy in the morning. Mindful eating is also key in the consumption of food.

Find your place of connection – Where is your place of connection?Mine is when I’m meditating, taking a walk in the gardens or just simply taking a bath with essential oils. I call this a place of connection.  It is a time in our day where can stay grounded and connect with ourselves just us in our own space loving and nourishing our inner beings.

Balance in all areas of our lives is not always easy, we tend to juggle many different things, sometimes we just need to step back breathe and know it can be done if we just focus on ourselves in the process.

All my love,

WellnessGenie ♥️



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