Sweet Singapore 🇸🇬

Hi beautiful readers!

Heres another travel update for you ♥️Singapore has been one of the cleanest countries my husband and I had travelled to. I was 10 weeks pregnant when we visited this place of beauty and diversity. Although the smells of the food markets was not my favorite to experience, it was a city I really admired. High standard and quality, an efficient travel system safety and security -all plus points in my destination choices. We also had the pleasure of meeting people at a meet and mingle opportunity. Little India is diverse, we enjoyed our food experiences there and since I’m a tea lover I loved the hot tea, raso, vegetables and dhall (Indian mixed foods) made by some of the local people.  We ate at a place called Banana leaf which we enjoyed our experience of tasting different cuisine on the menu. I craved hot spicy food so it was definitely up my alley. We stayed in the district of little India. A visit to Marina Gardens is a must see and don’t forget to watch the lights show at night – it is wonderful! The theme was Toy Story at the time.Changi airport is amazing, I have to mention this. If you have some time please explore! It is huge and there is a lot to see. Another highlight was the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. I loved the experience, I’m in awe with Buddhist Goddesses and mantras so this was so peaceful and serene to visit. The culture is amazing. Please visit the markets as well on the way there. There’s so much to see all around if you are willing to explore.

The food markets are awesome the food is sensational and so well priced! You get to experience different tastes from so many local vendors who are passionate about creativity when it comes to food! I love it when passion and creativity come together♥️

For us it was an adventure, traveling local and stopping at different districts just to explore places. Definitely crossed off our bucket list♥️

Happy Travels ♥️that’s when we can again!

All my love!

Wellness Genie

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