Acts of of love♥️

12368970_818404974937207_6580593734815686850_nHere I am feeling in my element, feeling in flow, feeling in love with life all over again ♥️ This post danced around in my mind but I was overwhelmed with projects this week and finally the moment arrives to write to you. Firstly thank you for subscribing to my blog, you each share this journey with me. I’m so truly grateful. This post is divinely inspired I receive divine guidance from my soul and higher self at times and it doesn’t go away until I act on it, a part of my spiritual purpose here on earth.

There is something magical that comes about when you share your kindness to others. I have learnt this from life , I had an event that happened to me that should have angered me this week, a guy had bumped my car. I was out shopping buying fruit and vegetables and when I arrived at my vehicle I saw this gentleman taking pics. I knew something was wrong, so I asked him did you bump my car? And he said yes I’m sorry I just did, I didn’t see you. I didn’t react! At first I thought why am I feeling waves of peace in a moment that should upset me? I looked at a human being making a mistake and that was it. I had no attachment to a vehicle but to another person simply being at a low point in his life. I sensed his honesty and appreciated it with great kindness. I knew in that moment things would get sorted. And guess what I trusted that process and I’m so glad I did. It took me a long time in my life to get to this point.When we are kind and loving in our hearts, the universe rewards us with gifts of love & acts of kindness in return. Gifts of love can be so simple, love is the highest vibration and such a powerful force and it costs nothing  to give. A smile, a sweet gesture, loving words, words of appreciation, loving yourself are all acts of this wonderful feeling, emotion & energy.  Kindness makes another human being feel valued and gives them hope on a rainy day. These two emotions are so powerful they have the ability to transform and send healing to the earth, raising our consciousness as human beings. So next time something happens that should make you angry how about just feeling peace & love in that moment and see where that can lead? I know it’s difficult but it’s worth a try 😊 Wishing you kindness in your days and love in your heart.

All my love,


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