Cleanse 2021 🌼Soul food 🌼

Hi beautiful people!

Wow 21/21 days done of the cleanse and I will be sharing some soul food and fabulous tips ❣️ It’s been such a wonderful start to my year on all levels & I’m so grateful for the blessings❣️

So here’s a few soulfood tips! I love creative cooking and one of my favorite spices is turmeric so I’ve done a turmeric and ginger drink with many health benefits (antioxidant & anti-inflammatory with an Immune boost!)

I recommend a concentrated unsweetened cranberry juice blend harvested in pure form. I love a handful of cranberries in my smoothies and cereals.Not to mention, half a cup of cranberries contains only 25 calories! Cranberries can be added to smoothies & juices with yoghurt and other gorgeous berries!

I also tried an egg plant pizza, I got some bases from a local health store ( gluten / wheat free for allergy) and added the following: Mushrooms, peppers, cheese, red onion and tomatoes😋 so simple & nutritious!

I love starting the day off with oats and berries, so a health bowel of oats, strawberries and bananas with yoghurt and honey really added a healthy start to my day!

Also I must mention hydration , any cleanse needs a healthy amount of water to detox (which I added lemon and cucumber)

I look forward to sharing with you and the journey together❣️

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All my love,


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