Art of Dance – The Easy Flexibility Shoulder Flexion Program -Review

Dance has always being a form of therapy for me. When I am in tune with the oneness of my body I feel more energy and vitality. This form of exercise routine and therapy gives me the boost I need in my daily life along with nutrition, supplementing my diet and meditation (Which of course I love:-)

Recently I have been sitting for long hours working at my desk and felt the tenseness and strain on my muscles in the shoulder and back region. So…I decided to give the Easy Flexibility – Shoulder Flexion Program by Paul Zaichik a try. Paul Zaichik is a fitness and flexibility expert. The Zaichik Stretching techniques (formely known as Kinesiological Stretching Technique) developed by Paul Zaichik, has been known to be a safe, fast and easy method of stretching and targets one muscle group at a time. Here’s my review and thoughts about the course:

My thoughts on the Outlay of the Shoulder Flexion Course – The Course starts of with a follow along routine which I found is quiet simple and practical to do, these are simple to do exercises at the comfort of your home and I even did some of the practical exercises at my desk. Paul Zaichik does demonstrate clearly how the exercises should be done. Some of the on floor exercises helped with stretching my muscles and strengthening my abdominal muscles, they reminded me of some of the movements I do in my warm up. I particularly liked the overhead stretches and the focus on one muscle group at a time. I did not feel overwhelmed doing the course and worked at my own pace. Overall, there is a range of stretches and techniques to the course. The warm up routine is a follow up sequence from the follow along routine. Paul Zaichik then focuses on the Zaichik stretching techniques which I felt doing this a few times did help, it took me a few times to get this done right and it did eventually help with relieving tenseness and strain on my shoulder region. The program then follows through with supporting exercises, the ZST round 2 and Supporting exercises round 2. The course ends of with relaxed stretches. I felt there is repetition to some of the exercises and when you do start them it can feel like you doing the same technique over and over and may need variety and a different technique to spice things up a bit 🙂 , however repeating them is key to results. I really feel you need to be dedicated to following through the program to get the results you need. You will also need a comfortable space and yoga block to do some of the techniques!

Is it worth the Investment? Would I invest in future courses with Easy Flexibility? The price on special offer is $29.95* plus tax. Look, I think that is a fair price for what the course does offer you and quiet frankly it does have good value for the price of $29.99 and you do have access to the program for life. Would I invest in future courses? The answer to this would be yes, I think I would like to try the complete shoulder course to see if there is any difference in the method of teaching, range of techniques and the layout. I would also like to compare the programs to test and trial which benefits me better and how the stretches differ, actually it would be interesting to know and overall assess the benefits of each course.

Here is my final thoughts:

Pros –

*The course is easy to follow, simple and Paul Zaichik demonstrates it in a way that is practical and easy to understand.

*You have access to the course for life

*There is not much investment in other equipment that you need as far as this one except for a yoga block and mat.

  • Fairly priced for the value.


  • The repetition of the moments can become monotonous especially if you like different techniques all the time. Some movements have to be followed through more than once which I found difficult to do at times.
  • The course could use a fun element to it – to improve mood like vibrant music and different color schemes.
  • You need to be dedicated and repeat the movements to follow through the course and feel the benefits. Time factor can be compromising.
  • No money back guarantee.

For more information and a list of programs check out their website –

Love and blessings,


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Passion for health, passion for Life defines me! I am an integrative medical practitioner, Life and wellness Coach, homeopathic practitioner, energy therapist, writer and blogger.

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