Reset & Renew

Hello beautiful people! Resetting and Renewing before I embrace another cycle and another year of life! I have been spending ample time on self awareness and listening to the needs of my body the last few days! I have been striving to maintain optimal balance and eliminating all the OLD , releasing on a cellular level and enhancing my mind body connection. It has been wonderful to just connect with me. I am constantly giving to the world, humanity, my beautiful family, my gorgeous clients so now I step back into me and my fullness. I know we don’t always take the time out for ourselves but just taking the step to spend time on our own wellbeing has so many benefits. It has wonderful effects on our mind, body and soul, its allows us to regenerate, renew and look within.

So here’s a few detox tips for you:

Lemons: I love using lemon, a slice in water is so refreshing to start the day and I think the color yellow is also so stimulating for our solar plexus.

Green Smoothies: For the green you can do Spinach or Kale, Fruits – can use bananas, mango, pineapple, blueberries , raspberries and add in protein powder. Add in some cinnamon or green powder too. Blend and enjoy!

Cucumber & Mint – You can also add this to the lemon water.

Cranberry Juice – Love this , fresh cranberries and apple juice blend or you can snack on cranberries in the day!

Finding my Core : I have been just focusing on finding my core and releasing what no longer serves me and connecting with my essence in self love and self forgiveness. Trust me I had a bit of releasing to do this week for my own inner healing! Detox is not just a physical regime, it is mental , emotional and spiritual too, an integrative therapy that allows us release and healing!

Share your detox tips with me…

All my love,


Dr Kirasha Allopi is a conscious entrepreneur, global speaker, thought leader, life , wellness and spiritual coach and integrative medical practitioner. Her vision is to create conscious, soulful and healthier lives for women and to bring in the energy and consciousness of the Divine Feminine & Golden Goddess. Connect @drkirashaallopi

Published by Dr Kirasha Allopi

Passion for health, passion for Life defines me! I am an integrative medical practitioner, Life and wellness Coach, homeopathic practitioner, energy therapist, writer and blogger.

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