Dealing with Anxiety this festive season – lets spread the kindness.

Hi beautiful people! The festive season has fast approached us and 2021 has been quiet a year, a year of shifts, transformations, challenges, loved ones that have departed to the other side, unrest and well we each had our own set of trials to deal with this year. SO TODAY I say let us spread the kindness and lets share the love. We will never know someone else’s journey unless we have walked the path. The world needs more light and definitely more love.

Mental Health is a topic I have always being purposeful about because a few years ago it was my journey and today I am so blessed to be able to share my story and heal others on their journey. Dealing with Anxiety is not easy,, it takes courage and support and yes we all need the tools and techniques but today I want to share what is in my heart and my message from Divine. Embrace your support systems, stay close to those that support you, ask for help. Love yourself, take a look at yourself in the mirror and affirm I LOVE YOU no matter what. You are all you got , pray for the strength to fill your entire being and let it raise you. Find solace in nature, in the simplicity, there is abundance everywhere, spend it in nature and near the ocean, these are our gifts on this planet. Know that this too shall pass, think about how far you have come dear one, so far, this will pass. Be KIND to all, share your love , your light, lets have a light filled December. Take care of your mental health, make it priority, you are so worth it. I give each of you divine love, Thank you for being a part of my journey. GRATITUDE! LOVE! BLESSINGS always.

Dr Kirasha Allopi


Published by Dr Kirasha Allopi

Passion for health, passion for Life defines me! I am an integrative medical practitioner, Life and wellness Coach, homeopathic practitioner, energy therapist, writer and blogger.

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