Dealing with Anxiety this festive season – lets spread the kindness.

Hi beautiful people! The festive season has fast approached us and 2021 has been quiet a year, a year of shifts, transformations, challenges, loved ones that have departed to the other side, unrest and well we each had our own set of trials to deal with this year. SO TODAY I say let us spreadContinue reading “Dealing with Anxiety this festive season – lets spread the kindness.”

Art of Dance – The Easy Flexibility Shoulder Flexion Program -Review

Dance has always being a form of therapy for me. When I am in tune with the oneness of my body I feel more energy and vitality. This form of exercise routine and therapy gives me the boost I need in my daily life along with nutrition, supplementing my diet and meditation (Which of courseContinue reading “Art of Dance – The Easy Flexibility Shoulder Flexion Program -Review”

The Divine Feminine

The Divine Feminine in her pure consciousness, radiates a beam of magical light, Her light has the power to transmute the negativity and the darkness, She has chosen to step into her power with grace and love, to be divinity in all forms. She is the warrior, the empress, the queen, the priestess, the nurture,Continue reading “The Divine Feminine”

All about the Sunshine 🌅

I am all about the magic of the 🌅 The beginning of a bright new day, Beauty fills the sky, Hope sets in, A new day to start again, live again, take in the beauty of life, Even if there are challenges, have hope in your heart and faith in your soul ♥️ Live brightContinue reading “All about the Sunshine 🌅”

5 Anxiety Busters🙌

5 Anxiety Busters 🙌 Mental Health Awareness will Always be a topic that I’m purposeful about!  Because I’ve been there and I’ve healed♥️🙌 So here are some Anxiety Busters from my journey👇 1) Breathe, yes I know panic attacks are scary but just stop stay grounded and breathe.  2) Take Control – Realise in everyContinue reading “5 Anxiety Busters🙌”

What are your barriers to your health & wellness goals?

Hi beautiful people! When you think of your health and wellness goals, do you have any barriers to get there. I would love to know ♥️ I will be sending you some great information on how we can achieve our health and wellness goals. Kindly fill in our survey when you have some free time!Continue reading “What are your barriers to your health & wellness goals?”