Warrior Women

The way of the warrior women by Dr Kirasha Allopi I started typing this post and the daily chores and activities of life overcame me. I think to myself that should never be the case because the activities of life should not get in the way of our hearts calling. Life should be ours to […]

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Empress 💚

How are you nurturing yourself today and have you found the time and space to do so and do so when you need to? Simple measures bring great healing, long baths with essential oils, a walk in nature and listening to the sound of the ocean – nourish me soulfully. They bring me back to […]

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Girl with Anxiety

Dedicated to all anxiety sufferers , you are braver than you think and you stronger than you know !Written by @drkirashaallopi She checks the time, it’s 11:00pm, she lays in bed awake, She has had another anxiety attack, Her mind riddled with fear of the future, Her palms are sweating, her heartbeat races , the […]

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You can heal from Anxiety

Trauma unit after Trauma unit, I remember the nurse telling me you are too young for this! This was my reality at the time in 2011. I was diagnosed with depression & anxiety after a trauma. I couldn’t control the panic attacks. I remember having every symptom of anxiety, and being just one ball of […]

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Anxiety 101 – Boundaries

Make your mental health a priority 👏👏 For people with anxiety, setting boundaries can often be difficult but it’s the healthy thing to do. If something or someone compromises your state of being- whether this be mentally, emotionally, physically or spiritually it’s ok to say no. So what exactly are boundaries?  Boundaries help us to […]

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