I’m a mother of 2 under 2 ♥️

I never imagined having 2 beautiful babies under 2 and then I realize it’s exactly what my soul needed and what I asked my beautiful GOD for ♥️ I feel blessed writing this post to you, it’s been a long , deeply empowering, soul stirring, journey for me with many life lessons and health challengesContinue reading “I’m a mother of 2 under 2 ♥️”

God, Motherhood & Purpose ♥️ – My wild flower♥️

Heres my wild flower 💐my little miss sass! Nevaeh , my baby girl made me a mother in this lifetime and gave me the gift of motherhood♥️She’s determined, strong willed, fiery and full of life and laughter. She’s my daily dose of love and kisses, she’s my sensitive baby with starlike beautiful energy. She hasContinue reading “God, Motherhood & Purpose ♥️ – My wild flower♥️”

Anxiety 101 – Boundaries

Make your mental health a priority 👏👏 For people with anxiety, setting boundaries can often be difficult but it’s the healthy thing to do. If something or someone compromises your state of being- whether this be mentally, emotionally, physically or spiritually it’s ok to say no. So what exactly are boundaries?  Boundaries help us toContinue reading “Anxiety 101 – Boundaries”

Anxiety 101- Self help tips ♥️

I often get told that I’m a calm and grounded person and I think to myself what a wonderful compliment although I do have my moments just like you where I get unbalanced ☺️ I’ve been guided to write about anxiety for some time now… If you don’t know my history I’ve been diagnosed withContinue reading “Anxiety 101- Self help tips ♥️”

All about Love -Dr Kirasha Allopi

Published Article- All about love – Dr Kirasha Allopi Love captivates the mind, fills the heart and lightens the soul Love is the only emotion that can make me feel whole, It has the power to transform, to heal to make one feel complete, Its grows in magnitude and intensity with every heartbeat Love isContinue reading “All about Love -Dr Kirasha Allopi”