10 things you didn’t know about me ♥️

Thank you for your love & support in my journey ♥️ Grateful to be a source of inspiration, wisdom , healing , health & wellness! While I love discussing and sharing all things wellness, health, spirituality, food and travel with you all, I figured it might be fun to share a few facts about meContinue reading “10 things you didn’t know about me ♥️”

A letter to my daughter on her 1st birthday

My darling daughter Ariana Nevaeh – today you turn 1 and while I had to hold back tears to see how much you have grown before me, I’m happy to see you blossom into the most beautiful version of you. This week I watched you as you slept and I took in every detail ofContinue reading “A letter to my daughter on her 1st birthday”

Cosmic lover ♥️- Christmas Star -21/12-2020

Wow, a sky filled with magic! Yesterday we witnessed the close conjunction of two gigantic planets Jupiter and Saturn, a 5 star magnificence & wonder as know as the Star of Bethlehem. I was engaged in a powerful meditation with one of my mentors and you could feel the expansion of light and prayer afterContinue reading “Cosmic lover ♥️- Christmas Star -21/12-2020”

Acts of kindness..gifts of love♥️

Here I am feeling in my element, feeling in flow, feeling in love with life all over again ♥️ This post danced around in my mind but I was overwhelmed with projects this week and finally the moment arrives to write to you. Firstly thank you for subscribing to my blog, you each share this journeyContinue reading “Acts of kindness..gifts of love♥️”

Mindful living

Hi lovely people! Whenever I think of the concept of mindful living I picture a beautiful Buddhist temple. It just comes to mind and I’m in the state of meditation with the chanting in the background- how serene ♥️ When I started my health and healing practice I went deeper into the art of meditation.Continue reading “Mindful living”

It’s all about Balance 🍎

Hello beautiful readers, Sending you blessings for a beautiful week! This week there has been so much creativity in my space. I looked at the ways in which I could do tasks better. How does maintaining a healthy balanced lifestyle enrich me? What can be done differently for me to be optimal health? I must admit thisContinue reading “It’s all about Balance 🍎”