Cleanse 2021 🌼Soul food 🌼

Hi beautiful people!

Wow 21/21 days done of the cleanse and I will be sharing some soul food and fabulous tips ❣️ It’s been such a wonderful start to my year on all levels & I’m so grateful for the blessings❣️

So here’s a few soulfood tips! I love creative cooking and one of my favorite spices is turmeric so I’ve done a turmeric and ginger drink with many health benefits (antioxidant & anti-inflammatory with an Immune boost!)

I recommend a concentrated unsweetened cranberry juice blend harvested in pure form. I love a handful of cranberries in my smoothies and cereals.Not to mention, half a cup of cranberries contains only 25 calories! Cranberries can be added to smoothies & juices with yoghurt and other gorgeous berries!

I also tried an egg plant pizza, I got some bases from a local health store ( gluten / wheat free for allergy) and added the following: Mushrooms, peppers, cheese, red onion and tomatoes😋 so simple & nutritious!

I love starting the day off with oats and berries, so a health bowel of oats, strawberries and bananas with yoghurt and honey really added a healthy start to my day!

Also I must mention hydration , any cleanse needs a healthy amount of water to detox (which I added lemon and cucumber)

I look forward to sharing with you and the journey together❣️

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10 things you didn’t know about me ♥️

Thank you for your love & support in my journey ♥️ Grateful to be a source of inspiration, wisdom , healing , health & wellness! While I love discussing and sharing all things wellness, health, spirituality, food and travel with you all, I figured it might be fun to share a few facts about me and let you all get to know me a bit better.

So here goes….

  1. I love traveling to exotic places, crazy adventures, visiting foreign markets and meeting people of different cultures✈️
  2. I love biking, my husband and I have traveled to a few beautiful places on biking adventures, Thailand was our best❣️
  3. It was my dream to marry in Mauritius since I was 16, God gave me that dream🥂
  4. I can read minds( Just joking 😊) I can tell when someone is honest and lying in an instant😊
  5. I’m highly intuitive, sensitive and aware, I can read people’s energies since I was a young child❣️
  6. I am a depression survivor🙌
  7. If you want to ground & heal me, take me to Nature , she’s my healer🌼
  8. I was single for 5 years until I got married and always wanted 2 kids💕 (I believe I manifested my husband💍)
  9. I get bored easily, a book or movie has to be really interesting to hold my attention.😊
  10. I love books, shoes, bags , crystal jewelry, candles & long baths…with essential oils! ❣️

Tell me about you ♥️♥️♥️

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Sending you healing & healthy vibes❣️

Wellness Genie

Cleanse 2021

Hi beautiful beings! So I’m on day 15 today of Cleanse 2021 and prepping for a blessed transition at the same time which I can’t wait to share with you❣️Here’s a few tips from the cleanse….I think there’s no better way to start the year than by the word “Health”
Health is a total state of mind, body and soul wellbeing. When you nurture your mind, body and soul you are in aligned with your complete state of health & wellness. Here’s wishing you a 2021 of good health & optimal wellbeing, may you always feel alive, healthy & vibrant & I look forward to sharing this year with you♥️

Health & Wellness on Thursday’s #thursdaywellness 

Here are a few tips: 

🌼Sleep – Have an adequate amount of good quality sleep. Our body heals when we sleep. A healthy immunity is essential to fight off infections.

🌼Lower Stress – Use Exercise, Meditation and stress management techniques.

🌼Healthy Diet – A healthy diet inclusive of nuts, seeds, vegetables and green leafy vegetables. 

🌼Get Fit -Daily routine – great benefits, release of feel good hormones, improves circulation and helps while you on a cleanse regime.Exercise has so many benefits to our body. It’s good for muscle health, increases energy, controls your weight, improves your mood to mention a few. Get active and follow a regime. Yoga and meditation definitely works for me😊

🌼Juice it up – I love mixing up great juices to start the day. Try an antioxidant juice mix – 1 cup blueberries, 1 cup strawberries, you can add chopped mango, handful or cranberries water to dilute & blend it together. Simple and nutritious!

🌼Take care of your soul – Nourish your inner being, take time to rest when you feel the need to, do what you love, what makes your soul happy! Find time to nuture your body and spirit and be grateful for all the good that comes your way. 

How are you keeping healthy?


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All my love,

Dr Kirasha Allopi

A letter to my daughter on her 1st birthday

My darling daughter Ariana Nevaeh – today you turn 1 and while I had to hold back tears to see how much you have grown before me, I’m happy to see you blossom into the most beautiful version of you. This week I watched you as you slept and I took in every detail of you. My baby girl is growing up yet she will always be the most sacred gift to me. I’m glad I got to hold you in the first few months as you napped on my chest and I’m so grateful for the time we had together in your first year. You have changed me, you made me a mother and I will never be the same. I will always have you my baby as my responsibility , as someone to protect and nurture and share my heart & being with.

You have made me see how resilient I am, how much I am capable of , how much I need to grow and evolve and learn in order to be the best version for you. You are my celestial blessing from God and he has trusted me with you. I promise to do my best for you, to nurture you talents, to support you, to grow you to love you unconditionally. Some days are going to be challenging but remember on those days that my love for you remains as strong as possible and as expansive as the cosmos.

My little star, my princess- I pray that life blesses you, God holds you close and angels protect you. May you never forget how incredibly special, unique powerful & radiant you are. You will charm the hearts of many. May there be happiness in your days that overflow, love that surrounds you, divine blessings that follow you, abundance and never ending prosperity. Thank you for choosing me and your dada to be your parents on this earthly realm. We promise to do our best for you and to fill your days with love & laughter. I can’t wait to see the little girl, the young lady and the beautiful women you blossom into. You my darling are loved, adored and treasured…always!

All my love, light & blessings,

Mama ❤️

( I know one day you will read this when you all grown up and beautiful- but for now I will be holding you a little longer💕💕💕)

Cosmic lover ♥️- Christmas Star -21/12-2020

Wow, a sky filled with magic! Yesterday we witnessed the close conjunction of two gigantic planets Jupiter and Saturn, a 5 star magnificence & wonder as know as the Star of Bethlehem. I was engaged in a powerful meditation with one of my mentors and you could feel the expansion of light and prayer after a long hard year for many. I felt blessed , grateful and in flow to be on this earthly plane at this time to be here at such a cosmic marvel. The Star to me represents the shift in collective, evolution of the human race and a symbol of hope and renewal. We are in the process of rebirth and renewal to become our best possible selves and to serve in our best possible way to humanity. What does this represent for you?

Wishing you a beautiful renewal, hope and love and joy over this festive season. The best is yet to come ♥️

All my love

WellnessGenie & my little Star ⭐️

(Jupiter and Saturn align this December, with some astronomers suggesting a similar event caused the biblical Christmas Star (Getty Images/iStockphotos-Pic credit)

Gratitude ♥️

6E9D343E-5FDA-4D8C-9D98-53A1AAB70D73This morning I took some time to be extra grateful♥️I miss adventures! I miss meeting incredible souls. I was going through most of my travel pictures and felt grateful for these abundant moments. This year so far I was grateful for the adventure of motherhood and being able to spend so much time with our daughter and loving those moments of her growth with so much love, instead of keeping up with a busy professional life. Although we are sad about the many things we couldn’t do during Covid 19 there is so much to be gained & appreciated♥️🌈😘🌷 Life will be treasured in much more depth going forward. We will appreciate our health, our family, moments of joy, time spent in solitude, walks in nature and those that add beauty to our lives with appreciation and love! There is joy  is simplicity. There is blessings in every challenge. Life is meant to be treasured!

I’m so grateful for you!

Love & Blessings,


Acts of of love♥️

12368970_818404974937207_6580593734815686850_nHere I am feeling in my element, feeling in flow, feeling in love with life all over again ♥️ This post danced around in my mind but I was overwhelmed with projects this week and finally the moment arrives to write to you. Firstly thank you for subscribing to my blog, you each share this journey with me. I’m so truly grateful. This post is divinely inspired I receive divine guidance from my soul and higher self at times and it doesn’t go away until I act on it, a part of my spiritual purpose here on earth.

There is something magical that comes about when you share your kindness to others. I have learnt this from life , I had an event that happened to me that should have angered me this week, a guy had bumped my car. I was out shopping buying fruit and vegetables and when I arrived at my vehicle I saw this gentleman taking pics. I knew something was wrong, so I asked him did you bump my car? And he said yes I’m sorry I just did, I didn’t see you. I didn’t react! At first I thought why am I feeling waves of peace in a moment that should upset me? I looked at a human being making a mistake and that was it. I had no attachment to a vehicle but to another person simply being at a low point in his life. I sensed his honesty and appreciated it with great kindness. I knew in that moment things would get sorted. And guess what I trusted that process and I’m so glad I did. It took me a long time in my life to get to this point.When we are kind and loving in our hearts, the universe rewards us with gifts of love & acts of kindness in return. Gifts of love can be so simple, love is the highest vibration and such a powerful force and it costs nothing  to give. A smile, a sweet gesture, loving words, words of appreciation, loving yourself are all acts of this wonderful feeling, emotion & energy.  Kindness makes another human being feel valued and gives them hope on a rainy day. These two emotions are so powerful they have the ability to transform and send healing to the earth, raising our consciousness as human beings. So next time something happens that should make you angry how about just feeling peace & love in that moment and see where that can lead? I know it’s difficult but it’s worth a try 😊 Wishing you kindness in your days and love in your heart.

All my love,


Mindful living

Hi lovely people!

Whenever I think of the concept of mindful living I picture a beautiful Buddhist temple. It just comes to mind and I’m in the state of meditation with the chanting in the background- how serene ♥️ When I started my health and healing practice I went deeper into the art of meditation. Some days I don’t have the time to meditate from balancing many different roles in the day and I feel I search for that place of peace. Having our place of peace and connection, our own space where we can engage with ourselves, connect and ground gives us the soul energy to move forward. So what is mindful living? What does mindful living mean to you?

Being mindful means the ability to stay present in the moment without allowing the mind to get side-tracked. Being aware of the moment, conscious and just experiencing that moment with all your senses.

Here’s to being mindful:

Meditation: Meditation is to be in silence with oneself. Breathe, focus on your breath, it’s the key to your existence. Feel the oxygen move in and out of your lungs and breathe out deeply. Let the negativity go. Inhale love and exhale negativity.Focus the mind, let go of distractions and just be in the moment.

Awareness: Be aware of this very moment of your life, it’s the present, it is a gift, be aware of that rose that is blooming , the surroundings, the feel of the wind on your face and the sun. Just be aware with your senses.

Be grateful: How often do we want more- all the time,  sometimes we just need to be grateful for all that we have, I’m sure if we write a gratitude list we would have an abundance. Just by beginning the day being grateful gives us a positive boost to the day.

Let go of control: Yes, I am sometimes guilty of this one. How often do we want to control things in our life.  When we practice the art of surrender with grace and gratitude we ALLOW for flow, we allow life to flow peacefully in rhythm. We don’t stress ourselves over controlling what we can’t.

Being mindful means loving the present moment for all that it is. Life is a gift, let’s treasure it with love, acceptance and mindfulness.

All my love,


( This pic was taken at the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple in Singapore – beautiful chants by the monks in the most beautiful energy)


Sweet Singapore 🇸🇬

Hi beautiful readers!

Heres another travel update for you ♥️Singapore has been one of the cleanest countries my husband and I had travelled to. I was 10 weeks pregnant when we visited this place of beauty and diversity. Although the smells of the food markets was not my favorite to experience, it was a city I really admired. High standard and quality, an efficient travel system safety and security -all plus points in my destination choices. We also had the pleasure of meeting people at a meet and mingle opportunity. Little India is diverse, we enjoyed our food experiences there and since I’m a tea lover I loved the hot tea, raso, vegetables and dhall (Indian mixed foods) made by some of the local people.  We ate at a place called Banana leaf which we enjoyed our experience of tasting different cuisine on the menu. I craved hot spicy food so it was definitely up my alley. We stayed in the district of little India. A visit to Marina Gardens is a must see and don’t forget to watch the lights show at night – it is wonderful! The theme was Toy Story at the time.Changi airport is amazing, I have to mention this. If you have some time please explore! It is huge and there is a lot to see. Another highlight was the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. I loved the experience, I’m in awe with Buddhist Goddesses and mantras so this was so peaceful and serene to visit. The culture is amazing. Please visit the markets as well on the way there. There’s so much to see all around if you are willing to explore.

The food markets are awesome the food is sensational and so well priced! You get to experience different tastes from so many local vendors who are passionate about creativity when it comes to food! I love it when passion and creativity come together♥️

For us it was an adventure, traveling local and stopping at different districts just to explore places. Definitely crossed off our bucket list♥️

Happy Travels ♥️that’s when we can again!

All my love!

Wellness Genie

It’s all about Balance 🍎

Hello beautiful readers,

Sending you blessings for a beautiful week! This week there has been so much creativity in my space. I looked at the ways in which I could do tasks better. How does maintaining a healthy balanced lifestyle enrich me? What can be done differently for me to be optimal health?

I must admit this week has been cold here so my morning walks wasn’t easy, my exercise routine was not at optimal and I could feel the difference in the day. I had to supplement my diet with some healthy B vitamins for that extra dose of energy. Right now I’m a mother to my 5 month old and working on projects so finding the balance is vital for me. How are you finding balance right now? I notice that when I get adequate sleep at night I feel refreshed. Many of us are up with restless nights and uncomfortable sleep patterns. The key is to silence the mind, let go of the day, energize our systems-and find out a strategy that works best for us.

Sleep – Sleep is key, when we sleep our body balances. Sleep balances out hormones and improves brain function. Check if your sleeping environment is comfortable and the room temperature is optimal for a good nights rest.

Diet- Foods can either enhance health or negatively affect health. We all love to snack our favorites at times but following a diet rich in  nutrients improves your overall well-being and energy levels. Breakfast is an important meal of the day, get your day to the right start by eating healthy in the morning. Mindful eating is also key in the consumption of food.

Find your place of connection – Where is your place of connection?Mine is when I’m meditating, taking a walk in the gardens or just simply taking a bath with essential oils. I call this a place of connection.  It is a time in our day where can stay grounded and connect with ourselves just us in our own space loving and nourishing our inner beings.

Balance in all areas of our lives is not always easy, we tend to juggle many different things, sometimes we just need to step back breathe and know it can be done if we just focus on ourselves in the process.

All my love,

WellnessGenie ♥️