Sunflowers in Autumn🌻

  • Today was a beautiful day out in the countryside.  As my  love and I strolled through the farm at Leafy greens we came across these beautiful sunflowers! The trees of the leaves begin to turn a shade of orange…how beautiful is this universe! Abundance is so prominent in nature. Mother Earth is always abundant so should be our approach to life. We should be in awareness, never fear of not having enough but in knowing that we will be always provided for, whatever our needs may be.  Sunflowers have so many different meanings…somehow they seem to brighten our days flourishing through seasons radiating ever so beautiful. They bring happiness, bounty and always turn towards the SUN our giver of life. Let us be like the sunflowers and radiate this light energy to others , and blossom within ourselves! To sunflowers magic!IMG_3070

Welcome to Wellness!

Hello beautiful readers,

It’s your Wellness Genie here….yippee for me! I am out of the bottle today ready to write my first post. All smiles today:-)

It’s a lazy Saturday afternoon. I am indoors in my quiet space soaking up the energy of ‘SELF’ , moments like these give me time to reflect on my personal journey and the purpose I serve on this planet Earth. Seems like I am from the Cosmo’s right?  I always shared the love for the galaxy, the stars and the universe. Today that higher self and spiritual connection has inspired me to write and share great blogs with you. How are you feeling today? Would you say you are in good health? Are you taking care of that beautiful body that has been gifted to you. OK too many questions 🙂

I have been in the health and wellness field for 10 years and it has been a soulful journey for me. I have learnt that wellness means nourishing your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual body, embracing the unique you and being in balance. Keeping up with a balanced lifestyle seems difficult, we all seem to have too much to juggle, many tasks for the day and sometimes that overwhelming feeling takes over! I relate well to this, sometimes I wish I could save the world. The JOYS of being a healer!!..and sometimes in moments like these I embrace my uniqueness. I find my solitude. I find my balance again. Take time to nurture and nourish your divine self. You are a gift.  Give your physical body a treat, walk out in nature, take a salt bath with essentials oil or indulge in self care, whatever it takes you deserve a well balanced LIFE! Look at the wonder of the elements around you, there is so much to be grateful for…..