Better Health 2018❤️| Wellnessgenie

Hello beautiful readers! I trust you are having a wonderful start to 2018. Wishing you blessings in abundance for  the year ahead. So…I’m out of the bottle for 2018 and excited to share this journey in health, wellness & spirituality with you this year!

Usually we begin the year setting goals ( I know I do☺️)  but rarely do we reflect, so today I put pen to paper and wrote down areas of my life – career, finances , relationships , health, growth, charity and of course fun and reviewed them. Are you reflecting on the year gone by? How would you like to change them for the better? This made me aware of the changes I needed to make to have a better year ahead. It’s a great activity to try out!

I know health has always been one of my key priorities especially after my illness in 2011, it became a top priority to be in balance – mind, body and spirit. Hence today  10 years in the field of holistic wellness and loving every moment❤️

Simple and easy steps for better health in 2018 :

1) Supplement – Vitamin B -Be aware of your body and know when you feeling out of balance. Exhaustion can sometimes be a sign that our body needs more Vitamin B. Take a daily Vitamin B one that suits your body type , usually a holistic practitioner can advise you on the best supplements for your needs.  There are many ranges of supplements available, one that is in natural form and bioavailable ( rate of absorption) tend to be the beneficial options.

2)Probiotics-  I have started the year taking a good probiotic, to balance good and bad bacteria and help in overall gut function , probiotics are great additions to our lifestyle.

3) Get Fit – Exercise has so many benefits to our body. It’s good for muscle health, increases energy, controls your weight, improves your mood to mention a few. Get active and follow a regime. Yoga and meditation definitely works for me😊

4) Juice it up – I love mixing up great juices to start the day. Try an antioxidant juice mix – 1 cup blueberries, 1 cup strawberries, you can add chopped mango, handful or cranberries water to dilute & blend it together. Simple and nutritious!

5) Take care of your soul – Nourish your inner being, take time to rest when you feel the need to, do what you love, what makes your soul happy! Find time to nuture your body and spirit and be grateful for all the good that comes your way.

Hope you have a great health start to this year!

Love , light and blessings,





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